COVID-19  Resources
Our church and staff are monitoring our area's current situation regarding COVID-19, and we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the health and safety of those who meet in our buildings. We have resumed in-person gatherings, and we have a limited number of Sunday school classes. These are the precautions we have put into place so far:

Sunday School, Sunday and Wednesday Worship
- During our worship services, we are not requiring masks to be worn.  But if you feel more comfortable you may wear a mask.  
- Hand sanitizer is provided upon entering the buildings.
- Our facilities are being cleaned regularly to ensure sanitized touch surfaces, clean rooms, and a beautiful campus.
- We offer live streaming of our services on our Facebook page as well as posting our services to Youtube shortly after for those who cannot attend in person.

Other Events
- While the church does not wish to cancel many of our upcoming events, the leadership has limited the number of events, especially with those events that are held in closer quarters.
-- When other events are scheduled, proper notice is given to volunteers and attendees about safety measures to ensure other's safety.

For any questions or additional information concerning COVID-19, please contact our office here.